Friday, July 15, 2011


That's pretty much how I feel right now.
I just finished attending Day 1 of the North Bay SCBWI illustrators' workshop, and my brain is stuffed to capacity. The good thing is that now I just really want to finish up my story and illustrate it and dummy it up and get it into the editors' hot little hands. 'Cuz then they'll all totally want to buy it, and there will totally be a bidding war, and I will rocket into instant overnight success and sell a million copies and get a Hollywood movie deal. That totally happens, right?
The other good thing is I caught all the lovely wonderful rush hour traffic on northbound 101, so I got to listen to my new Regina Spektor CD in a loop. Yes, I bought CDs yesterday for the first time in about seven years. It was only because I happened to be at Borders, and there happened to be a sale table with "buy 2, get 1 free," and I happened to think, "Hmm, I should get something new to listen to in my car because radio sucks and Sergio probably wants his CD collection back." I know nobody buys CDs anymore and I'm supposed to download music instead because of the "carbon footprint" or whatever, but I have two computers that routinely crap out on me so I can't be taking chances like that. Circumstances have necessitated me to kick it old school.
Ok, well, I'm going to take a nap, eat something really unhealthy, and maybe post some drawings later, and hopefully that will alleviate the constipation in my brain.


Samantha said...

Yes, it totally happens...but keep me in mind when you need that fabulous dress for your red carpet debut...

Jeff Jackson said...

Glarfsh. Hope you had a glarfsh time at the conference, thanks for sitting in and participating and post your stuff.