Friday, August 26, 2011

Zuckerman's Famous Pig

Okay, I always promised myself I would not do one of those obnoxious "OMG I haven't posted in sooooo long OMG lol!" posts, but so much has happened that I feel like I actually need to this time. (I also want to note that this window auto-corrected both "OMG" and "lol"; suck it, internet-speak.)
To start, I got a new computer. The one I was using finally coughed, keeled over, and died, forcing me to stop procrastinating and buy a new one. And of course, while computer-shopping at Best Buy Serg and I took it upon ourselves to open up MS Paint on the demo computers and create masterpieces for future shoppers to admire.



Also, my new computer somehow mysteriously acquired a copy of The Sims, which accounts for my massive delay in updating which is totally unrelated to anything anywhere whatsoever.

*happy sigh*

ANYWAY, you're probably wondering about the title of this post. It is a reference to Charlotte's Web, where the porcine protagonist earns his keeper First Prize at the county fair. I titled it thusly because - dum da da dum! - I actually won something! At a county fair!

Technically, two things.


(Closer look:)

and this:

(Closer look:)

I'm not sure how they judged these - if they scored a certain number of points and awarded a ribbon based on the number of points, or if they ranked each one within its category. I'm pretty sure it's the first, although I wouldn't be surprised if, in the second case, I was the only contestant within that category and I won by default; that sort of thing has happened to me before.

In ANY case, I have finally posted about my latest adventures and now I can stop beating myself up for having a bad online presence. And now it is time for me to get back to playing The Sims go do something productive, justifiable, and totally worth my time.


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