Sunday, October 9, 2011

My desk, ergo my life.

Today is Sergio's birthday.
I took the weekend off so I could go party with him.
Since they wouldn't have me for the weekend, they loaded up my work schedule for the rest of the week.
As such, I worked for at least seven days in a row.
Due to my crazy work schedule, my immune system tanked.
I contracted a cold on the last day.
Now, on the days I requested off, I am at home in bed, fighting off a virus.
Fuck this shit.

Anyway, since can't do anything else today, I thought I'd work on some Zack drawings. And take pictures of my desk. It usually looks like this. Well, the stuff changes. But the fact that it is covered with stuff doesn't.

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nightshopper said...

Thanks for sharing this. Some days go like that with me too. I'm a substitute teacher during the school year so absolutely anything can happen in a day. Interestingly enough that has proved to be a constant source of inspiration!