Tuesday, September 18, 2012

20 Things I Remember About High School

1. Everybody who was somebody wore Calvin jeans, a Tommy shirt, and Doc Marten sandals. (Yes, Doc Marten used to make sandals.)
2. Watching South Park - how shocking, edgy, and hilarious it was!
3. All the girls had chunky blonde highlights, and all the boys had spiked blonde tips.
4. I was really, really shy.
5. Portable CD players - you could bring your music with you, but you had to hold it upright so it wouldn't skip.
6. Being really freaking cold in school. Cold metal chair = cold butt.
7. Cheap lunch cost $1.75, and expensive lunch cost $2.50.
8. Reading "The Scarlet Letter," and having to write a series of papers on that boring-ass book.
9. Learning how to change outfits on a bus without taking off your clothes, thanks to marching band.
10. Everyone wore those chokers made of beads, puka shells, or hemp (or some combination thereof).
11. "The Simpsons" came on every day at 5:00, and we all knew it was time to transition into the evening.
12. Thongs, underwear invented by a sadist.
13. Making fun of that song that went, "I like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch..."
14. It was fashionable to be anorexic; all the girls would get a salad and a bottled water for lunch, and sit around and brag about how little they ate the day before.
15. Every date or group outing seemed to end up at Village Inn.
16. I had these black knee-high 4-inch platform black leather boots that I wore with everything.
17. Glitter, glitter, everywhere, on your eyelids, cheeks, nails, and even arms and shoulders. Somehow after about 30 seconds there was no glitter left on your body, but a light crust all over pillows, car seats, and furniture.
18. I fell asleep in class a lot.
19. Seeing a movie ticket stub for "Home Fries" on the cafeteria floor.
20. School Spirit Day: freshmen = white, sophomores = blue, juniors = green, seniors = black.

How about the rest of you? What do you remember?


Anonymous said...

Wait, I thought freshman were red, sophomores white, juniors purple and seniors blaze orange?? This is Tina La Rue btw

Anonymous said...

You still fall sleep a lot, with or without going to classes.

Batmanda said...

Oh, yeah, those were Hudson's spirit colors. The high school I went to in Nebraska had different ones. When I think of "high school," I usually think of NE because I was only at Hudson for a year.
And 2nd anonymous person, how do you know I sleep a lot?