Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Your Daily Chunkspiration

1. I overheard a coworker saying that she can't drink too much because she only weighs 108 pounds, and therefore gets drunk too easily.

2. My first thought was, "She weighs at least 20 pounds less than me, and she's my height. I have a hard time feeling bad for her, and an easier time feeling bad for myself."

3. Then I thought, "But wait a minute - if she's my height and frame, but weighs at least 20 pounds less than me, then I could probably take her down in a fight. Easily."

4. "I want to fight her and take her down."

5. "Also, my higher density of body composition means I could also outdrink her."

6. "I want to get her drunk and then fight her."

7. It made me think of those obnoxious "thinspiration" boards on Pinterest - you know, the ones that show you pictures of skinny girls with sayings superimposed over them, sayings like:

- Would you rather have a doughnut, or flat abs?
- Would you rather have cake, or a gap between your thighs?
- Would you rather have BBQ ribs, or exposed ribs?

7a. I agree with the boards that show a girl in sweatpants shoving thirty Ho-Hos into her mouth while giving two middle fingers.

8. I also hate those condescending fitness magazines that have headlines like, "Kate Beckinsale has this rockin' body, and she hates working out!" (Implied tagline: "What's your excuse, you fat sack of shit?")

9. Would you rather let magazines and Pinterest bully you into thinking you're a fat sack of shit, or eat cake because cake is delicious?

10. Would you rather invest a lot of time into looking better than everyone else, or spend that time actually doing something?

11. Would you rather be the skinniest girl in the room, or the most badass?

12. (I know they don't have to be mutually exclusive. Just imagine that you have to pick only one.)

13. These are my thoughts. Please feel free to share your own.

14. Cake is delicious.

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