Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ten Reasons Why Being An Adult Is Way Better Than Being a Kid

1. You can go to sleep whenever you damn well want. You can go to sleep at 4 AM if you want to.
2. You get to hang out with whoever you want. You don't have to hang out with someone's lame-ass kid just because your parents and their parents are friends.
3. You get alcohol.
4. You don't have to ask anyone's permission whenever you want to go somewhere. You just go.
5. No one is making you practice your penmanship. Your handwriting can be as shitty as you want it to be.
6. You won't be socially ostracized by your peers for wearing the wrong brand of shoes.
7. You get to own a car, and drive it anywhere you want. (Please don't combine with #3.)
8. Two words: Gym class.
9. You have way more tools and techniques for dealing with the disappointments that life slings at you. They're still there; you're just so much better equipped to handle them.
10. When you're a kid, you have no control over anything that happens to you. Every single event and decision in your life is the result of someone else's judgment. When you're an adult, you call the shots. Everything that happens to you is of your own choosing. Your life may suck because you made shitty decisions, but you can still own the fuck out of those decisions. (Besides, you had fun making them, didn't you?)


Annie - said...

Great Post! So glad I stumbled on to your blog - thanks for sharing :-D

Anonymous said...

I remember being told as a kid, being a kid is the best time of your life, and thinking fuuuuccckkk how can things get worse. Today I realize those people were totally wrong and I love being an adult; for all the reasons listen and probably hundreds more. Basically just freedom. I really hate being told how to live my life every second every day as it is when you're a kid. As a kid I still chose to live my life how I wanted and was punished constantly for that. Things have been soooo much better in years 21-24