Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Things I Think About

Do you think spiders are right- or left-handed? Wouldn't it suck to be a spider who is right-handed in three sets of legs, but left-handed in one?

Do you think Van Gogh had an evil twin named Van Stop?

If I had a million dollars, I would divide it in half and donate each half to opposing charities.

The other day I went to a fast food restaurant, and the Dr Pepper place in the soda fountain was out of order. What if somewhere out there exists a parallel universe where everything else is out of order except for the Dr Pepper in that one soda fountain?

I hate bathrooms where everything is automatic. I feel like they're trying to beat me.

And then some...


Zurge said...

Van Gogh did have a brother, identical name, older and died young. When the Artist Van Gogh used to walk to school as a boy, he'd walk by the cemetery where his brother was buried. Thus, seeing your name in a grave stone every day as a kid would really screw your head, and would make you as morose as him.

Christina Rodriguez said...

Yikes. I get that the practice of reusing a name from a stillborn child wasn't unusual back then, but boy is that sad.

I hadn't known that about Van Gogh. I've learning something by visiting your blog, Amanda!