Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thoughts on Cashiering

The year is 2011.
Credit card technology has been around for a good portion of this millenium.
If you don't know how to operate a do-it-yourself credit card machine at a checkout stand by now...
you probably shouldn't be out alone in public.
"But Amanda, every store is different!"
Yes, they're all different. That's why you have to read the goddamn instructions on the screen.
Every store may have it different, but you're still an idiot no matter which one you go to.

That being said, the other day I was being reprimanded at work (I can't imagine why!) and I thought, "Hmm, this would make a good cartoon." (This is how I've been coping with the stress of having two jobs - by turning it into something funny.) I want to stress that it doesn't represent a particular incident, the manager pictured does not portray any particular person (I purposely made him look unlike any manager who works there) and this as a whole does not reflect anything I think or feel towards my company. I just thought it was funny. Don't hurt me.

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