Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ehhhh, I don't waaaaanna.

So I guess I lost steam towards the end of the 31-day challenge thing. Some of the themes were less than inspiring, to say the least. Others were so inspiring that I would have had to spend hours putting together a post that would have done them justice, and that was getting in the way of my laziness.

And now we're almost halfway through February, and I've yet to post something... not that I think my thoughts are so earth-shattering that I owe the Internet a constant stream of them, but I like to think that I give my readers *cough all 3 of them cough* a reason to keep coming back here.

Sooooo yeah. I'm not really working on any major projects right now. I draw or paint every day as long as my hand isn't cramping up, or as long as there isn't an important nap that needs to be taken. I've been getting a lot of very high-priority napping done, and that makes me feel very accomplished.

Thoughts for the day:
- When you usually wear your hair up, and choose to wear it down for one day, you get a lot of comments. Mostly along the lines of, "Wow, did you do something different with your hair?"
- Sometimes I miss green arrows because I'm making faces at myself in the rear view mirror. I knew I should have sprung for the tinted windows. (What? I get bored at red lights.)
- If I ever had to go gluten-free, I don't think I'd kill myself. I would be very very sad for a while, but hopefully I would be an adult and have a good attitude, and eventually adjust.

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