Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stuff I Bought on Valentine's Day Clearance

- Hershey's Kisses in a cool heart-shaped tin
- A set of two 13x9" cake pans (so I don't have to borrow my roommate's when I want to take a casserole to someone's house) in Romance Red
- A strawberry-scented candle in a jar
- A heart-shaped rose-and-tea-leaves scented candle, free-standing
- A plastic tumbler with a lid and straw, covered with pink and red hearts
- Two heart-shaped dishes that I thought were ramekins but upon closer inspection do not appear to be oven-safe
- A glossy pink and red heart-shaped serving plate
- A little rectangular tin that I may use for storing safety pins
- Surprisingly, no boxes of Whitman's or Russel Stover (I was tempted, but I prevailed)

Basically, I just love things that are pink and heart-shaped or -adorned, so every year around this time I clean up in the grocery store sale aisle.

Thoughts for today:
- I am feeling irrationally cranky; it must be close to Shark Week.
- Yesterday I tried to clean the goobers out of my 1-year-old nephew's eyes, but I couldn't do it without gagging. Sorry, Squishy, I'm just not that good of an aunt.
- Heeeeeey, sexy laaaaaady! (It's been stuck in my head all night.)


Emily said...

Shark Week - ha, awesome.
Good thing you checked out the ramekins before baking me a heart-shaped cake.

Batmanda said...

I call it Shark Week because 1, there's blood, and 2, anyone who crosses me gets violently assaulted.

Melissa Berg said...

I call it Shark Week too but sometimes I refer to it as "Princess Warrior Time" because I want to be treated like a princess but I act like a warrior.