Monday, April 1, 2013

The Day Begins (at 9pm)

It's a new month, and I feel like I should be blogging more. This isn't to say that each post need be earth-shattering, but I can put something up. So today, here's a bullet list of things that are on my mind.

- I wish the Enter key wasn't right next to the ' key. It's annoying when I'm chatting with someone and it looks like I suddenly stopped mid sentence right after I'.
- Every time I order broccoli beef, I eat all of the beef and only some of the broccoli.
- When I decided earlier today to "diet and work out," apparently I thought the terms were interchangeable with "nap and mini Snickers."
- My roommate wanted to make sure I got the mail she slipped under the door, because four days later it's still lying on my bedroom floor. The truth is, I saw it and all of it looked like it was from various companies to whom I owe money. So I didn't bother. Responsible adult fail.
- If you pet a cat, you will become his Best Friend Forever. To a cat, Best Friends Forever means something different than a human. If I had a human Best Friend Forever, I would be very concerned if he followed me around while yelling at me nonstop, lay on the bathroom floor while watching me shower, and butted his head into my arm to get my attention.
- There are two people in the entire world who will eat the black jellybeans, and both of them are my roommates. Did I luck out, or what?

1 comment:

Emily said...

I frequently mistake "get up early and work out" with "sleeping in". It happens.

I can see how the mail would go untouched for several days. Generally when things around here fall on the floor they become Property of The Squish and sort of end up belonging there.