Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wacky Shenanigans and Youthful Hijinks

Just kidding. I haven't posted much lately, let alone pictures of stuff I created. We all (or most of us, I guess) go through these cycles of feeling really creative and then feeling not creative at all. I was on a non-creative loop for a while, and I decided to just ride it out and not freak out about it like I would have before I started the meds. Because of course, nothing makes you feel more confident about the quality of your work than forcing yourself to do it when you really aren't feeling it.
Now I'm swinging back over to the uber-creative arc of the cycle. Earlier tonight I created some delicious lemon bars. Now I am apparently hell-bent on creating an empty pan of lemon bar crumbs. That's the nice thing about home-baked goods - my breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu for the next two days is already set! If you haven't noticed, this is not a blog about healthy living. That's Emily's job.
In other news, I ordered some new paints and I really, really want them to get here. When I get them I shall squee.

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