Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Sims 2 Game

Disclaimer #1: This will only make sense if you've ever played The Sims 2.

Disclaimer #2: I know, I KNOW, that The Sims 2 is sooooo 2004. Well, I like it better than The Sims 3 for many reasons (at least one being that it doesn't freeze up this computer). Anyway, while playing with characters from the neighborhood Pleasantview, the following drama unfolded. It was too entertaining not to share.

1. Dina hooked up with Don Lothario and got knocked up with his child.
2. Nina burned herself to death while cooking because the kitchen didn't have a fire alarm.
3. Dina, while pregnant, is so distressed over the death of her sister that she marries the elderly Mortimer Goth to feel better. Since one of Dina's aspirations is "Marry a Rich Sim," she is over Nina in no time flat.
4. Dina moves into the Goth home. Turns out, Mortimer's adult daughter Cassandra is engaged to Dina's baby daddy, Don.
5. Dina gives birth to a son, Nina the Second.
6. Cassandra gets knocked up by Don and they have a shotgun wedding. Cassandra can't go on the honeymoon because she is too pregnant, so Don goes by himself while his new wife stays home. While he is gone, Cassandra gives birth to a daughter named Donette.
7. Dina has a second child with Mortimer named Montgomery. Dina, Mortimer, Cassandra, Don, Dina's two children and Cassandra and Don's daughter live together happily, and no one seems to know or mind that Dina's first child was fathered by her stepson-in-law.
8. Mortimer dies from old age. While the rest of the household is initially distressed, everyone is pretty much over it the next day after they gain a mechanical skill point or learn how to make cereal.
9. Dina witnesses Cassandra flirting with Don, and suddenly has issue with the fact that they are married. She launches herself at Cassandra and the two fight in a giant cloud with the occasional foot or fist poking out.
10. In a fit of chivalry, Don launches himself at Dina; see #9.
11. All the adults in the house now hate each other, but they still feed and bathe each others' babies. Children appear to be communal property in this household; it doesn't matter who gave birth to it, only that it needs a bottle from the fridge. It is acceptable, however, to put a baby down on the floor and leave it there for several hours until it needs to be fed again.

This is why I love this game.

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Tina said...

HAHA, I've never played SIMS so I stopped reading after Disclaimer #1. But the first line about someone hooking up with someone else seems pretty OMG!