Sunday, February 13, 2011

So this is embarrassing.

Have you ever misheard or misinterpreted what someone said, and gave a completely inappropriate response? And then, after finding out what they really said, you gave the correct one?

Here's what happened at work last week.

What I thought my coworker said: "Amanda, you're not having a baby, right?"
Me: "No... why?"

What my coworker really said: "Amanda, you know I'm having a baby, right?"
Me: "No... why?"

Then she started laughing and said, "You mean, why am I having a baby?" Then I turned beet red and stammered something intelligent like, "Oh, uh, I thought - it sounded like - I misheard. Um, congratulations!" I then tried to diffuse the awkward moment by asking her all those questions you're supposed to ask - is this your first, what are you having, etc. Fortunately future moms are only too happy to discuss all the details, so all in all I think it turned out okay.
My life is filled with moments like these, by the way.

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