Monday, April 18, 2011

Excellent Customer Service

The CS gals and I were chatting at work, and we came up with some guaranteed phrases to ensure a phenomenal relationship between customer and vendor.
- "I understand you're frustrated from having to deal with me."
- "Don't shoot the messenger, because then you'll have to hire a new messenger. And that's a lot of annoying paperwork."
- "I'm not lying, I'm being diplomatic."
And my personal fave:
- "Has it ever occurred to you that I am a human being, and not just a thing that exists for you to abuse until you get what you want?!"
But I probably won't be using that one anytime soon.
Tonight I went to Iyengar yoga, which is different from regular yoga because it makes you feel even more like an inflexible sack of flab than regular yoga. Now I'm working on a commission, which is cool. Also listening to techno, because it's not as distracting as regular music. And yes, I just made a distinction between "techno" and "regular music."

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