Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh The Agony

I found this little gem while cleaning out my old files. It was one on a page of doodles during one of Serg's and my late night drawing sessions at Aroma's. There were other ones on the page, but they were even less appropriate to post on a public blog.
Yes, I had to go file all my paperwork. I had to attack my File Pile. It had been there a while. (Yes, I came up with that while filing.)
On the other hand, I now have an organization systems that's slightly more functional than "Just Throw It On The File Pile And Deal With It At An Unspecified Later Date." It's amazing what you find that you didn't know you still had. I mean, I probably don't need the title card for my first car that I got in college, given that the car has probably been crushed and melted and made into part of a different, newer car now. (I really loved that car, btw. Rita...)
Maybe tomorrow I'll tackle my "Pile of Rewritable CDs That I Don't Know What's On Them Anymore." Yippee...

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