Friday, September 23, 2011

El amarillo del oro

Tonight Sergio and I went to a party at a bar for one of my coworker's going away party. The bartender was an ass, so we left. Then we got something to eat at a Mexican restaurant and stumbled into some Mexican karaoke. I totally would have sung something if I knew any of the songs.
Anyway, I was thinking some more about International Talk Like A Pirate Day and I was wondering, "Why pirates?" There are lots of things you could talk like for a whole day.

- International Talk Like Keanu Reeves Day
- International Talk Like A Dog That Just Mastered Human Speech Day
- International Talk Like You're Drunk Even If You're Not Day
- International Talk Like A WWE Commentator Day
- International Talk Entirely In Pickup Lines And Your Mom Jokes Day

1 comment:

Reg said...

But I talk in your mom jokes and pick up lines every day...