Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today's Frustrations

- I have been on Facebook for six years. During that time they have had at least a dozen massive upheavals of design. Every time it is the same: copious bitching on the first day, everyone shrugs and gets over it on the second day and moving forward. Can we all just make a pact to... not do that anymore because it's annoying and doesn't accomplish anything anyway?
It's not like Mark Zuckerberg is going to say, "Golly, Internet, you're absolutely right! These changes will contribute directly to the downfall of civilization; I'd better get on reversing them right away!" In fact, each time when he bothers to respond he says pretty much the opposite: "I had good reasons for making these changes. Get over it."

- I googled "How To Write A Creative Resume" and the results are frustratingly anemic. They all say some version of "Feel free to be creative, but remember to be professional!" Thank you, Dr. Vaguey McAmbiguity, but I had already kind of figured that out. I'm looking forward to your next article, "How to... you know... do... stuff."

- Okay, Google Chrome, I guess I'll ask you to save my usernames and passwords. You're ignoring all the other settings I selected anyway.


Crash said...

I really like reading your blog. I would even read it if I wasn't related to you.

I hope that sounds like a compliment, because it is intended to be one.

Crash said...

And there needs to be some agreed-upon, clear guidelines as to what is appropriately creative in a professional workplace, because I sure haven't figured it out yet. Apparently it is not appropriate to punctuate dry presentations with pictures of Lego rock bands and unicorns, but I ask what IS appropriate, then??