Thursday, September 1, 2011

My New Book!

So you may have heard that I will be illustrating a new book. Here are the answers to the questions I have been asked.

1. It is entitled "Zack's Zucchiniland Stand." 
2. It is about a little boy who gets into gardening somewhat reluctantly, then develops passion and enthusiasm when his garden spirals out of control and takes on a life of its own.
3. It is to be written and published by Sandy Baker, a Santa Rosa based writer of children's gardening books and founder of Butterfly Books. You can see more about her at .
4. Although Sandy and I share a last name, we are not related as far as we know.
5. Estimated release date: April 2012.

Thanks for all your support! Sandy and I are both thrilled to be working together on this exciting project. I will keep you updated with tantalizing tidbits and sneak previews. Thank you for being the most wonderful internet friends in... the... Internet.

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The Slominski's said...

That is so awesome! What is the Christmas book that you wrote called?