Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 13 - Top Ten

Top Ten what? They didn't specify.
Um, okay. Here are my top ten Favorite Things Ever.

Amanda's Top Ten Favorite Things Ever (in no particular order)
1. Tearing along perforated edges
2. Popping bubble wrap
3. Vegan donuts from Whole Foods
4. Watching strangers argue in public
5. Staying in hotels
6. Things that go "ding"
7. Dive bars
8. Peeling dried latex paint out of a bucket
9. Beer
10. After pulling out of a parking spot and seeing that another car was waiting for it, saying, "Oh, you want that? You want it? Well, I'm gonna give it to you, and you're gonna take it, because you want it so bad. Take it! Take it all, bitch!"

There you have it, Internet. You're welcome.

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