Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 8 - Honesty

I admit...

- Sometimes I pee in the shower. Not like a full-on pee - I don't go into the shower intending to pee, I always try to get it over with before - but sometimes I get under the warm water and a little leaks out. I try to aim for the drain as much as I can.

- On days when we have the heat turned off to save on energy, I turn on my space heater and huddle right in front of it. Not very energy-efficient.

- Before Hostess went under, I used to have a pack of Zingers for breakfast. Paired with a Diet Coke.

- I just drink a lot of Diet Coke in general. One time I thought about cutting back on soda, and I thought - and this is honestly what came into my mind - "But then what will I drink?"

- I totally don't give a flying crap about germs. If I drop food on the floor, I'll pick it up and eat it. I don't wash my hands after touching garbage; at most, I might brush them off on my jeans. If there's an unwashed glass that I drank out of yesterday, I'll drink out of it again without washing it. And you know what? I'm very rarely sick.

- I often think that smoking would be really cool, fun, and relaxing, and the only reason I don't start is because I don't want my health insurance premium to go up.

- There are certain groups of people who, in my mind, don't really count as people. Customers, drivers in other cars, and overzealous sports fans come to mind.

Thanks for listening, Internet. You probably think I'm disgusting now.

1 comment:

Emily said...

That's okay, I pee in the shower too. But only in my own shower; I'm "house-broken"!
I'm sure it's like nose-picking - everyone does it but no one will admit to it.