Saturday, January 22, 2011

Inspiration for this post brought to you by Minnesota Public Radio

Currently listening to 89.3 The Current streaming online. I haven't yet found a radio station in the Bay Area that I like half as much.
I was only slightly productive today... but then again, it's hard to be productive when you're working the 2-10 shift at your quirky grocery retail chain. At least at my other job, when it gets slow I can sketch without anyone noticing... I mean... forget I said anything.
Last night I saw The Green Hornet with Serg, Jamie, and Bryce. Entertaining enough, although it didn't help me understand why Seth Rogen is famous. (Seriously, he's like that guy everyone knows in college - the loud, obnoxious, belligerent, perpetually drunken one who shows up at every party, bar, and dorm room get-together. No one is quite sure who he is friends with, or who keeps inviting him. His overbearing voice grates on your nerves as he dominates every conversation and hits on anything female and breathing. You see him for the first time at your first house party freshman year, and by the time your super-senior year rolls around he's still around, causing you to wonder if he's even a student at your university. Yeah, that guy. Seth Rogen reminds me of him.)
All and all, it was an enjoyable movie but only because of Michel Gondry's superb directing. I don't know if I even would have seen it if not for him. I also enjoyed Christoph Waltz, but I wish he would have been given more to work with. Not to mention, that brief cameo with James Franco was totally boss. Oh, James Franco... someday you will come to your senses, and come to me. Unless you are gay, in which you will come and be my sassy gay friend.


Anonymous said...

Hot for James Franco? Sounds like single talk.

Am Ampersand A said...

Hey, admit it... if Angelina Jolie threw herself at you, you most likely would not push her away.
I'm just sayin'.