Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rocking the Casba

When I was little, my mom used to call me "Doodle Bug." Or just "Doodles." My dad called me "Spanky," but eventually that morphed into "Spanks," "Spankerton," and "Spankerton Detective Agency #101 Manderson Drive." He also called me a variety of derivatives of "Amanda," including but not limited to "Manderson," "Mandible," and "Mandrill."
Sometimes my mom would call me "Amanda Kay in the Milky Way," but I didn't appreciate that because it usually meant she was irritated with me or wanted me to do some chore. (This was also the case with "Miss Amanda.")
Anyway, the title of this blog post comes from an incident at work today. This song came over the store music and a coworker said, "Why are they so mad at the casba? What did the casba ever do to them?"
Naturally I was a little confused and asked him to clarify. He replied, "Well, aren't they saying, 'F*** the casba! F*** the casba!'?"
It was amusing.
Aaaanyway,I don't have much for my dear viewers today, just some random doodles. I kind of like them though. Especially the frog ladies.

Spankerton Detective Agency, #101 Manderson Drive

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Zurge said...

I have a blog because you inspired me to do so. :)