Monday, January 17, 2011

Thoughts for Monday

Dear Blog,
I am tired of customers whining to me how they forgot their bags. I honestly do not give a rat's ass whether or not they brought their own bags.
I am tired of customers who get a cart and only use it to carry around a single banana and a pint of half-and-half. Then when they are finished paying, they leave the cart at the register for me to deal with, taking only the bag with their paltry two items which did not even justify having a whole entire cart.
I am tired of dialog boxes that pop up when you are right in the middle of tying in a field, and you don't notice right away, and the last six words you typed are lost in... I don't know? Where do those words go? Somewhere outside the universe in another dimension, there is a cache full of sentence fragments from people who were trying to finish a sentence right when their computers desperately needed them to know that it was  time to upgrade their software.
 Thanks for listening, Blog. Now here's a bunny.
Did you know that it is very difficult to draw with a touch pad?

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